Vaseline Total Care

Consumers still saw Vaseline as a brand stuck in the 1970s: at best, a reliable, functional lotion - at worst, their mother’s brand.
Vaseline’s "How Beautiful Feels" campaign provides a modern, relevant and unique positioning for the brand. Instead of striving for the impossible, we focus on attainable beauty.
We knew the campaign had immediately put Vaseline back in the beauty world when "Palm Reader" won Canada’s top prize at Cannes.

Vaseline Total Care
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| Agency of the Year |
| Gold: Palmer Jarvis DDB   Silver: Ammirati Puris   Bronze: Taxi |
| Honourable Mention: BBDO Canada |
| Finalists: J. Walter Thompson   Ogilvy & Mather |
| Best Media Operation |
| Gold: M2 Universal   Silver: Harrison, Young, Pesonen & Newell   Bronze: Starcom Worldwide |
| Best Media Director: Hugh Dow, M2 Universal |
| Judges: Creative   Strategic |
| How do you get to be Agency of the Year, Best Media Operation, and Best Media Director |

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