Kraft Dinner

Sustained price-based promotional activity and private label brands had pushed this icon to the brink of commodity status. We knew that generations of Canadians had grown up eating Kraft Dinner and had a special, ongoing and personal relationship with it, based on memories and rituals. Our strategy was to reconnect KD lovers to their brand by showing them why it’s "Gotta Be KD" in a way that rings true - and is delivered with a twist.
A loving tribute from aging college pals is a fresh way to leverage emotional ties built from years of nourishment during university.
This campaign has helped rebuild the KD brand equity, non-promotional sales have doubled and frequency of purchase among current consumers has increased.

Kraft Dinner
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Kit Kat

Kit Kat is one of the world’s best-known brands, but its popularity among teens and young adults was in decline. In a multi-tasked world, a new spin on the old idea of taking a Kit Kat break was required. Today’s young consumer is more in need of a mental than a physical break - a respite from those little things that drive you mad on a daily basis.
The familiar red logo gives this brand an iconic property that inclined us to take the message to the street with some hard-to-miss outdoor advertising. This format allowed us to further heighten the relevance of the brand with topical and seasonal messages.

Kit Kat
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Kit Kat Kit Kat


Although Ryerson received official status as a university in 1993, not many people knew about it. Our challenge was to clearly establish Ryerson as a university, while maintaining what made it distinctive - namely, being a place to get a degree you can use.
That meant a focused positioning with a new graphic identity and slogan - "Wisdom. Applied." But the real inspiration for this high school recruitment campaign came from the students we met who were smart and focused, and expected a university program to give them something they could use - and which built upon their special talent or interest.

Ryerson University


By the late 1990s the coffee category had exploded, offering unprecedented choice and selection. Nabob had lost its earlier edge and was drowning in a sea of options and sameness. The brand needed to be resuscitated, to regain its premium position.
Nabob had always been passionate about its coffee. What about those who drank it? An idea was born that has helped put the brand back on top by reconnecting with true coffee lovers: Nabob coffee lovers demonstrate their passion for great coffee in unexpected ways.

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Nabob Nabob


Halls has dominated the throat lozenge category for decades, but sales were flat. And with a market share hovering around 75%, where do you go for growth?
The brand had always positioned itself for cold relief. People only get so many colds, and they viewed Halls as just for when they were sick. The strategy was to shed this perception and position the brand for everyday non-winter, non-cold throat irritations - an idea that wasn’t symptom-specific, but instead spoke to the benefit.
What happens when you have an irritated throat, regardless of season? It’s hard to speak. The idea: Halls frees your throat.

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