AOY 2008 — The future is now

Strategy’s Agency of the Year award turns 20 next year. After nearly two decades of recognizing the best of Canadian advertising, it’s impressive to see the strides the industry has made — and the place it’s carving for itself in the global arena.

The judges scored a very close race between fierce competitors, putting Taxi back on top for a fifth knock-’em-down-drag-’em-out victory led by prez Rob Guenette and ECD Steve Mykolyn. The judges also commented on the state of the industry as a whole. “More and more, we celebrate the ‘no-advertising’ advertising,” says creative panel judge Gaëtan Namouric, creative VP at Montreal agency Bleublancrouge. “Somehow, Canada makes the demonstration that a great idea can be ‘out of media,’ and it could be our international trademark.”

On the strategic panel, director of communications and public affairs at Bombardier Transport Genevieve Dion agrees, from a marketer’s perspective: “There is tremendous creativity in our industry, deep understanding of client challenges in a world overcrowded with messages. Canadian agencies are pushing the limits and finding new ways of looking at things.”

Who’s packing the punch? Click the Winners link above to find out.