The Process

As with past years, Agency of the Year kicked off with an open call to Canadian agencies to throw their five best campaigns from the previous 12 months into the proverbial ring.

We then shared those submissions with senior agency and marketing executives across Canada, asking them to choose the agencies they thought had produced the best work. Points were awarded based on how many times an agency was selected, and those with the most points were invited to participate in the awards by submitting their top five cases from the previous year.

A judging panel of senior industry execs then scored the work in a secure online process. They were asked to award each case two scores out of 10, one for creativity and the other for strategy. Judges who declared conflicts with campaigns or agencies abstained, and scores were averaged accordingly.

Scores were tallied and averaged, with equal weight, and the agency with the highest final score was the winner.

The Scores

DDB 7.17 DDB 6.88 DDB 14.05
John St. 7.10 John St. 6.77 John St. 13.87
Taxi 6.92 Taxi 6.61 Taxi 13.53
Lowe Roche 6.72 Ogilvy 6.41 Lowe Roche 13.08
BBDO 6.70 Lowe Roche 6.36 Ogilvy 12.99
Leo Burnett 6.64 Cundari 6.21 BBDO 12.78
Ogilvy 6.58 Sid Lee 6.11 Cundari 12.68
Cundari 6.47 BBDO 6.08 Leo Burnett 12.63
Sid Lee 6.32 Leo Burnett 5.99 Sid Lee 12.43
Capital C 6.02 Rethink 5.94 Rethink 11.87
Rethink 5.93 Capital C 5.66 Capital C 11.68