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Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light

The low carb phenomenon that affected many food categories also had a major impact on the beer industry, particularly in the U.S. Miller Lite had gained some market share behind a "1/2 the carbs of Bud Light" message. The question was, could the Bud Light Institute idea be adapted for the U.S. to help deal with all the hype around the low carb diet craze?

Downtown Partners recognized that people had no idea that all light beers are low in carbs. Thus the idea was to have The Bud Light Institute develop unique and innovative ways to help consumers burn the ridiculously low amount of carbs in a Bud Light, whether it be a line of mini-exercise equipment, or a unique approach to the summer Olympics. The tactical low carb messaging marked the first time the Bud Light Institute was used in the U.S. market. Consumer and retailer reaction was so positive it helped lead to the development of pure image ads.

As a result of the low carb campaign specifically, Miller Lite's growth was cut in half. Bud Light continues to be one of the fastest growing beers in the U.S. despite the increased competitive pressure, and maintains its place as the number-one beer in the U.S. domestic market. And over 4,000 "Mini-Treadmills" were ordered online.



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