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Milk consumption declines as youth become financially independent and discover a host of other beverage options.

Enter DDB and its "Survival of the Fittest" campaign for the BC Dairy Foundation. The goal was to make milk a more conscious beverage choice. DDB chose to leverage the idea of survival with cavemen meeting their untimely demise because they chose the wrong beverage at the wrong time.

The work consisted of TV, cinema, a Web site and washroom posters, as well as decals in C-stores and messages for coffee sleeves.

Four weeks after launch, total milk sales were up 6%. Flavoured milks (the type of milk the target drinks most) were up 8% for the 52 weeks ending Aug. 6/05. The drinkmilk.ca Web site featuring "Second Chance Caveman" was also a hit, with over 87,000 unique visitors since launch.






Belly Poster

Broken Branch Poster

Fist Kiss

Floor Decal

Flushing Thing

Fossil Poster

Java Jacket

Lame Date

Squished Poster

Washroom Stall

Street Event


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