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Cold Shots was just a fledgling one-year-old brand when Zig was briefed to grow penetration amongst twentysomething beer drinkers.

The risk of being defined only by its size was clear - next to a big manly pint of beer, Cold Shots is diminutive, slender and feminine. Thus Zig had to find a way to communicate the brand's uniqueness while developing a more distinctive, harder-edged brand personality. To be blunt, the advertising needed to give the brand some balls.

Cold Shots is a beer both smaller and stronger than the average brews. Thus, a unique star was born: "Seńor Cold Shot," the diminutive wrestler with strength far in excess of his size. Along with TV billboard and print ads in urban weeklies, Zig took Senőr Cold Shot into bars to showcase his extraordinary prowess. This resulted in glowing feedback from the sales force, as well as retail customers.


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