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What goes into making a winning agency? We reveal the mix.

You've noticed the half-eaten cupcake with the question mark. We wanted a concept that sweetened the Agency of the Year suspense and tied nicely into our profiles of this year's finest Canadian agencies.

The angle? Uncover the secret ingredient that put them on top - what dash of culture building, spoon of unique research technique or helping of creative development went into cooking up the 2007 Agency of the Year winners. We spoke to the folks at the top agencies (without letting on that they'd won) to come up with our take on why this year they, ahem, took the cake.

Of course, these days, agencies aren't just recognized for good advertising. So, in our second annual B!G Awards we crown the ones that are thinking beyond advertising to deliver big ideas to meet their big clients' needs.

What's left to say but bon appétit?