"Better Food for All"

In 2012, Sobeys commissioned research to identify the key drivers for its highest potential customers, and to understand how well the brand delivered on these. The research found that consumers saw Sobeys as neither particularly affordable, nor as a leader in the category.

So the brand decided to differentiate itself with a platform that would help people eat healthier, while not breaking the bank. The platform, called "Better Food for All" helped people realize that good food doesn't require complicated recipes and costly ingredients.

Sobeys and Rethink partnered with an individual recognized for a food philosophy around fresh, healthy and accessible food. Chef Jamie Oliver signed a multi-year deal to support the "Better Food For All" platform through content, co-branded products and new initiatives.

The effort comprised of significant operational changes, employee engagement and consumer communications, which included traditional and social media. The initiative also drove the development of a new line of certified humane beef, pork and chicken, making Sobeys the first national grocer to offer this.

Since launch, communication components outside the store have included television (a wave at launch in September and again around the holiday period), radio and social media. It also launched "Better Food Challenges" where Oliver invited Canadians to participate in seasonal cooking challenges that helped introduce a new way of thinking and eating.

Tracking has shown that "Better Food For All" has broken through in both communication and in-store activations. The TV campaign has significantly impacted "consideration to shop" metrics. "Unique and different" measures for the TV campaign are 28% above norm, and the key measure of "made the store seem different" is 32% above norm.