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A provincial election campaign was in full swing when Bos received its latest mandate from small, independent, high-end men's clothier Henri Vézina, a company the agency has worked with since 1988. Montreal's streetlamps were plastered with shoulders-and-up posters of the leaders of the province's political parties and local candidates. Thus arose the famous question first raised on Johnny Carson: exactly what do newscasters, talk-show hosts and politicians wear on the parts of their bodies out of view of the camera? With a limited media budget, Bos selected Le Devoir - a Montreal daily with a lower circulation, but more political and intellectually minded content - for four-colour, full-page ads to answer that question. The results were such a blast that it may well have appeared to be a deliberate media stunt. The campaign was featured - visuals and all - on TV shows, the six o'clock news, in articles and even in other English- and French-language dailies.





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