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AGF Mutual Funds

For years, TBWA\ managed the perennially award-winning "What are you doing after work?" campaign. Then came 9/11, an event whose economic repercussions fundamentally altered Canadians' perceptions of their own retirement prospects. As the values of stock portfolios evaporated, so too did the dream of an early, well-funded retirement. "What are you doing after work?" ran the risk of seeming out of step with the times.

That harsh reality forced TBWA\ to take a long hard look at the AGF brand. No one wanted to walk away from the equity in the brand, but the agency knew that the creative platform would need to evolve to reflect the new world order. A bridge was built on the insight that AGF had always marketed "the dream." And while that view of "retirement" was pre-empted by the stock market, AGF's role as an enabler of dreams was still relevant. In asking: "What do you love to do? Why aren't you doing it?" AGF encouraged Canadians to pursue their dreams of a more fulfilling working life.

A call to action on the TV spots and an advice and instruction-laden Web site provided the tools for Canadians to realize their dreams. Like it had in the past, AGF also thrilled audiences at the Toronto and Vancouver film festivals.

AGF sales by Primerica, its largest distributor, increased 609% after the launch of the new campaign. Despite being hugely outspent by competitive mutual fund companies and the big banks, AGF placed number one among all Canadian fund companies in unaided advertising recall.


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