FedEx enlists colourful characters

To demonstrate FedEx Canada's expertise in international and domestic shipping, BBDO created a TV campaign that maintained the brand's witty and confident personality with a mix of fun characters.

In the spot, FedEx's services were portrayed by different characters, each strategically chosen based on its characteristics that relate to the service. For example, a turtle was used for non-urgent, ants were for freight, dwarves for small business, and humans (one of whom was actually an alien) were shown surprised at all the services FedEx provides.

The band of characters was also taken online with Facebook executions and pre-roll ads where the ant and turtle were used to further communicate that FedEx is an expert for all shipping needs. The TV spot helped FedEx reach its highest unprompted advertising awareness rate of 23% to date, with the online spots overachieving against all campaign objectives and making it the brand's most successful digital campaign.