Kobo celebrates reading obsessions

In April of this year, e-reading brand Kobo launched a global campaign that targeted people who "live to read," starting with a 60-second cinema spot called "Reader's Passion" that celebrated the nuances of avid bookworms.

The commercial showed book lovers around the world so engrossed in their Kobo device that they become oblivious to their immediate surroundings, whether at a World Cup soccer match, in a bank during a robbery or at the kitchen table when a fire ignites.

For Mother's Day, the brand revealed 30- and 60-second spots (in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand), showing how the "Gift of Reading" is a way to give back to moms for all the years spent reading to their sons and daughters when they were young.

After just three months, general brand awareness jumped 14 points to 41% and brand awareness among the passionate "Reader" target increased by 26 points to 51%. Also, sales of non-discounted Kobo devices increased significantly after the launch of the campaign.