Stanfield's takes the high road

While guys aren't super interested in underwear, they're usually very interested in the health of what lies beneath it.

Men's underwear brand Stanfield's and John St. challenged a testicular cancer survivor to hitchhike across Canada to raise money and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society. There was only one catch he had to do it all in his underwear (a.k.a., his "gitch") in the dead of winter.

Mark McIntyre, the star of the brand's prior social media hit "The Guy At Home In His Underwear," was recruited to be the "Gitchhiker." Fans could follow his journey including his current location, temperature and the underwear he was wearing on the campaign Facebook app.

Fans participated by offering him rides, donating money to the cause, inviting him to their town or giving him a place to crash. To encourage repeat traffic, his daily adventures were edited and compiled and then uploaded to the site for fans to follow.

Stanfield's stunt produced a 50% increase in sales and helped generate 47 million media impressions.