Winnipeggers learn how to shop Ikea

With the nearest Ikea being more than 2,000 kilometres away, Winnipeggers weren't deeply aware of the Swedish retailer and its store layout. Ikea needed to do more than generate awareness of its first store opening in Winnipeg. It needed to educate consumers on how to navigate the store once they entered its doors.

Leo Burnett created a six-week campaign that essentially turned Winnipeg into a "virtual classroom." The "Learn Ikea" campaign used every medium to teach and quiz Winnipeggers about the store.

For example, handbooks with chapters covering Ikea's history, products, meals at its restaurant and even the organization's value principals were sent to homes. Print, OOH, ambient and digital ads provided interactive lessons on Ikea and local TV and radio spots invited Winnipeggers to demonstrate their knowledge of the retailer by answering quizzes. In addition, a portable vending machine travelled the city, and pedestrians could open it using Ikea's iconic Allen Key to access food products and gift cards.

Sales for the store opening were 22% above the expected target.