Yellow Pages brings neighbours together

Despite Yellow Pages making moves to transform itself into a digital company, the brand was losing relevance with consumers. It needed to reposition itself to fit their needs and wants, and to do this, it looked at the many different "cultural fuels" that have become important in Canadian neighbourhoods today.

For example, "Rurbanism" (where urbanites are beginning to think locally and shop for sustainable products) and "Neighbourhood Pride" fuel people's desire to have small-town experiences in large cities.

So the agency created a new brand platform for Yellow Pages called "Meet the New Neigbourhood," which launched last October. The brand's websites were renovated to incorporate the new positioning and a commercial, called "Meet the People," launched with a look at the locals who have built small businesses in cities. In addition, outdoor ads talking about the local stores, restaurants and hotels (with copy such as, "It's #summer and traffic sucks. Check out the 6 bike shops in the Annex") were placed in the related neighbourhoods.

Since the campaign launched, the Yellow Pages app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and the brand experienced 15.2% growth in digital revenue.