Vex Hard Lemonade

The challenge was to introduce a new brand of hard lemonade into a category dominated by a single player (Mike's). All 20-year-olds getting started in their own lives face petty annoyances. Offering up Vex as an antidote to this frustration makes the brand sympathetic to the consumer.

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Panasonic Canada

The challenge was to leverage the quality of the Panasonic brand among the company's various vertically targeted business products. Business product purchasers are continually inundated with product sales information, so the work had to stand out, uniquely positioning Panasonic's products as different from the rest.

Canadian Airlines

Today's frequent business traveller wants more control within the airline travel experience. The re-branding of Canadian is founded on the promise to consistently exceed this traveller's expectations by delivering a superior level of customer care.

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Cantel AT&T

In the case of Cantel's Pay-As-You-Go offering, the challenge was to support a new cellular product that has no contract, no credit check and no monthly bill. The message: If a monkey like Darwin can afford a new cell phone, even you can. In marketing the Digital One rate plan, the goal was to support an offering tailored to those who travel a lot within Canada and the U.S. The creative solution turns a typical travelling experience on its head.

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Peoples Jewellers

How do you get a bunch of guys who aren't interested in buying jewelry to pay attention and then act? The majority of men leave gift-giving to the last minute, and find buying jewelry intimidating. Talking to them on their own terms was key, as was timing. The media was a creative part of the solution: By speaking to men where they "live," on TSN, we made it easy for them to be exposed to Peoples, and easy for them to understand the value of choosing jewelry at gift-giving season.

| Gold: Palmer Jarvis DDB | Silver: Ammirati Puris Lintas | Bronze: Young & Rubicam |
| Finalists: BBDO Canada   Gee, Jeffery & Partners   Holmes & Lee   Ogilvy & Mather   TAXI Advertising & Design |
| Judges: Creative   Strategic |

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