Kodak Canada

One-time-use cameras (OTUCs) are becoming snapshooters' camera of choice at weddings, parties and other events. This campaign was intended to talk to teens who think carrying a camera is dorky. The goal: To make carrying a camera less threatening by showing that OTUCs go anywhere a kid goes. The ads presented picture-taking as fun, and capturing a memory as cool.


Q-tips has been the king of cotton swabs for so long that the brand had almost become generic; private labels and store brands had begun to steal share. This threat caused Q-tips to begin advertising again in 1997. That campaign successfully reinforced the brand's superiority. But this was no time to rest on its laurels. So Q-tips introduced a new brand strategy, moving away from babies and ears to focus on the many other uses of Q-tips.

Glaxo Wellcome

What are you supposed to do when you can advertise what a product does, but can't tell anyone exactly what it is, or use its name? Because of government restrictions on direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising, that was the situation with Zyban - the only smoking cessation pill on the market. Our goal was to let smokers know that such a pill exists, and encourage them to call their doctors for more information. From research, we learned that a "guilt" approach left the target cold, so we decided to reach them through humour.


With the Canadian retail landscape continuing to experience tremendous upheaval, Zellers stuck to and evolved the "Mom's store, priced-right" strategy that began in 1998. We continued to use the universal "life of Mom" insights in all of the advertising, cementing the emotional link with her by showing that Zellers understands the pressures she faces and can offer solutions. Having already established Zellers as "Mom's store," we put our energy this year behind "the brands Mom wants at the prices she wants."

QuickTime 4 movie

QuickTime 4 movie

Baby Dove

The Dove brand gave birth to Baby Dove in 1992. Aggressive advertising and superior products had taken it to number one, but less expensive competitors were gaining rapidly. How to fend off challengers? Use wit instead of earnestness. Offer tongue-in-cheek "helpful hints," to drive consumers to a clever and charming Web site that provides genuine tips and information about looking after newborns.

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