The Weather Network

The challenge was to develop an integrated campaign that would increase awareness of The Weather Network, not only with the general public, but with advertisers and the media community, too. We needed to inject a little personality into the brand, while emphasizing accuracy in forecasting. The campaign creative was driven by billboards in selected locations, as the message was meant to be presenting against an ever-changing sky.

Indian Motorcycle Café

The Indian Motorcycle Café, a combination restaurant, bar, clothing store and motorcycle sales facility, faced heavy competition in Toronto's downtown core. Our strategic recommendation was to focus the attention of the customer on the juxtaposition of two incongruous images: motorcycles and restaurants. The creative used a simple, humorous graphic presentation of motorcycle imagery in a restaurant/bar/café environment to differentiate the establishment from anything else in the city.

Masterfile Corporation

Masterfile is a supplier of stock photography images to art directors, creative directors and designers - a tough, jaded audience that in most cases would rather not use stock. Our solution was a print campaign that would differentiate the Masterfile brand from the competition by encouraging the notion that using Masterfile images can make for effective advertising. The creative tactic was to develop fictitious brands - Kamikaze Tours, El Gusano Mescal - and then create strong ads using the Masterfile product.


Customers understood the size and breadth of RE/MAX, but were less convinced on the more emotional level - the one-to-one relationship with the agent. RE/MAX needed to shift its promotional emphasis from the "agent perspective" to the "customer perspective" - to show that it understands the specific preferences of the individual buyer. Each outdoor execution presented the customer perspective - the intangible in every home that clinched the deal for the buyer - as represented by RE/MAX.

Short Man Brown's

Short Man by Brown's had specialized in quality clothing for the "vertically challenged" for some years. The goal was to increase its notoriety, attract new customers and infuse more life and personality into the brand. The first step was to shorten the name to make it more memorable. We also developed advertising that took a stereotypical fashion standard and twisted it to suit the store's purpose. As Lou Brown, the inimitable Short Man, has reminded us, "It had goddamn well better work, or you're dead."

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