Since Chapters opened its doors four years ago, a remarkable thing has happened to bookstores: They've become sexy. Today, they are places where people hang out and immerse themselves in an absorbing experience. We wanted our campaign to capture that experience (and drive traffic) by recreating the magic of reading - the very thing that draws people into the store in the first place.

AIDS awareness

Although the incidence of AIDS is on the decline, there has been an alarming growth of the disease among males in their early 20s - individuals who would have been exposed to the HIV virus in their early teens. Clearly, no one was talking to teenage boys on their own terms. To connect with these guys, we worked with MuchMusic to develop a campaign in which quirky animated dogs, involved in or freshly returned from sexual escapades, demonstrated dubious judgment and its associated risks.

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World's Biggest Bookstore

World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto is everything Chapters and Indigo are not. People's perception is that it's big, cheap and a bit scruffy. And they're right. With the debut of these other book mega-stores, some consumers had lost sight of World's Biggest Bookstore. It was our job to remind them of the store's distinctive position. To do this, we focused on what would seem to be our greatest disadvantage: the lack of a seductive atmosphere. The campaign is as honest and feisty as the store itself.


With usage in the eye drop segment already strong, growth opportunities for Visine had to come from new users. Research showed that a large number of potential customers had experienced mild eye discomfort before but had not used eye drops, opting instead for home remedies such as cucumber slices and ice - all of which would be placed on sore eyes, blocking vision. The creative executions played on the notion that you can really miss out with tired eyes. Visine will quickly soothe and let you "See what you're missing."

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Clearnet PCS Phones

With the rapid evolution of wireless communications, there is evidence that some people rely exclusively on cell phones. To promote Clearnet's new flat-rate calling options - and in keeping with the brand's leadership stance - we developed a proposition that challenged the status quo and talked directly to the future of cellular, by asking, "Why have a home phone?" Simplicity is the ongoing creative platform for Clearnet. In this case, we used a frog escaping a jar as an analogy for the freedom offered by Clearnet PCS.

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