The idea that beauty has no age limit was central to the launch of the Pro-Age line of products for mature women. Ogilvy was asked to “develop a breakthrough activation program that inspires women to embrace pro-aging.”

Research showed that women over 50 felt invisible in the media. Ogilvy tapped into their desire to lift the societal curse by sparking frank, positive discussion. The result: Body &Soul, an original play inspired by women’s stories.

A multi-faceted program was developed around the play, from an audition kit available either as a boxed game or as a download from to promotional print and OOH materials, PR and strategic partnerships to drive awareness and participation.

All 10 performances sold out, and the site garnered over 90,000 visits. CBC aired a documentary in September. Unilever hopes to continue the momentum with spinoffs for community theatres, distributing DVD copies of the documentary with product and a U.S. production.