Last year Kraft Canada launched Ogilvy’s “The boy raised by bees” campaign for Honeycomb with outstanding results. So when they faced pressure to harmonize with a U.S. campaign, they responded by pitching an evolution of the Beeboy for the American market.

The U.S. division wasn’t convinced at first that the Canadian work fit its target. So Ogilvy pushed the storyline forward, moving from the discovery of the Beeboy to his adventures in the world. With more online activity and more opportunity to show a quirky personality, the campaign was better aligned with the American brand character.

TV drove to beeboy.org, which was packed with original content and layered with a three-level game, new videos with higher production values and more sophisticated storylines the tween target could see themselves in. YTV promotions online also drove to the site.

Beeboy and Honeycomb are a big hit with Canadian kids, and the U.S. recently picked up the campaign and changed the packaging. Based on IP addresses, kids are viewing beeboy.org from school and sharing viral videos with their friends. Beeboy ads were uploaded to YouTube, YTV generated eight million impressions and Canada will continue to lead on future creative work.