Ogilvy’s challenge was to create a campaign to get occasional Winners shoppers into the store at least once more per year by convincing them they wouldn’t leave empty-handed. They needed to display a lot of product without dropping brand names, showing the stores or alienating consumers with skinny models.

Research revealed that Winners shoppers believed shipments only come to stores on certain days; in fact, fresh merchandise arrives every day.

The resulting campaign platform was “Fresh Goods Daily,” which evoked a stylized world where well-dressed Winners employees of all shapes, ethnicities and sizes collect, grow and hunt down fresh finds. These items were then packaged and delivered daily to Winners stores by unusual means – putting a twist on fashion advertising conventions. TV covered seasons, while radio focused on sales of specific items such as boots or beauty products.

The campaign saw positive improvement of brand tracking measures for the key themes of relevance and intention to shop, with numbers up over last year. Ultimately, on impact (intention to buy), the fall spot scored 50% vs. the previous fall’s 27%, and the holiday creative received 34% compared to the previous year’s 22%.