O.B. sends a personal apology

In late 2010, a distribution issue resulted in the Johnson & Johnson O.B. brand of tampons disappearing from shelves across Canada. The company approached Lowe Roche to help let consumers know that not only was O.B. truly sorry, but that the brand was also back in stores.

Lowe Roche found that the female target was active on social media, so a super-personal music video was produced to reach out to them.

Leveraging the brand database, it delivered 65,010 personalized emails, noting the shortage of the product and a link connecting them to their own personal apology. The video featured a contrite young man in a majestic setting singing their name in heartfelt song, while each name was written in rose petals, in sky-writing and even as a tattoo on the hero's arm. The song, written and produced by Lowe Roche, was designed to - and did - resonate with the target in a humorous way. The user was invited to download an online coupon for their next O.B. tampon purchase, and to share the video with a friend.

The initial launch received a 61% email click-through rate and 920,107 coupon downloads. In the first three months, Lowe Roche garnered 1.4 million Facebook shares and 1.8 million Twitter impressions. The campaign trended online, with mentions on sites like Jezebel, Gawker and Daily Intel.