Type Books spreads joy

With so many consumers turning to eReaders, large chain stores and online retailers, Toronto's Type Books needed to rekindle people's love of books.

Since local bookstores offer a unique experience not available elsewhere, the agency decided that Type Books should head the cause for independent booksellers everywhere. Using earned media to spread the word, the agency produced an in-house film celebrating the "Joy of Books."

Taking the viewer on a journey through Type Books, the stop-motion animation film shifts back and forth between fantasy and reality. The piece ends with the reminder, "There's nothing quite like a real book."

The film made the front page of Yahoo! and the message was shared across the globe by film festivals, TED and The Onion. The Type Books website attracted 1,500 visits in a week and its Twitter account gained hundreds of new followers in January. The store also became recognized in 192 countries and territories.