Hockey Hall Of Fame shows how dreams die

While the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) continues to be a popular destination for tourists, visitors from the GTA have been in gradual decline, possibly due to the "been there, done that" mentality. Taxi needed to get HHOF back on the radar and reconnect with hockey-loving Torontonians.

The agency thought about how almost every Canadian kid who has ever picked up a hockey stick thinks he'll be playing in the NHL. Inevitably, for most, there comes a point when they realize that this just isn't going to happen. An elite few, however, do manage to make it to the NHL, and a smaller number still are inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. To emphasize this point, Taxi highlighted the achievement by showing just a few of the many ways the dreams of others can die.

This led to the creation of various characters, and their hockey career stories were told from beginning to end. There was Robbie, who just couldn't shoot the puck, and Jimmie, who left the game for Marcie "Boom Boom" MacLean.

The "Most Hockey Dreams Die" campaign appeared on TV, print, radio and digital. There were four 30-second TV spots and 15-second radio spots that dramatized dreams being killed by everything from a groin pull to small legs.

TV resulted in over 21 million media impressions, and social and mainstream media picked up on the campaign, earning tweets from top hockey commentators and even a spot as Sports Illustratedís sports video of the day.