McCain's 15 seconds of fame

Last year, McCain launched a new frozen pizza aimed at a new audience. While McCain's other pizzas are geared towards moms, the new Ultra Thin Crust pizza was aimed at a younger, more urban and connected demo.

Taxi's challenge was to get them to actually try Ultra Thin Crust pizza. This was a battle about taste, so Taxi launched a mass sampling program to get 25,000 urban Canadian women, aged 25 to 35, to taste the pizza and decide for themselves. While sampling is typically an extension of an advertising campaign, Taxi made it the focus and created "15 Seconds of Fame."

The sampling event was actually a contest, in the form of a casting call for the target to win a cameo role on the TV show Being Erica. The role she would play in the show would be the "girl eating a pizza" in the background of the scene, and tasting the McCain Ultra Thin Crust pizza was the audition.

As a result of the campaign, 29,000 pizza slices were sampled, over 1,000 video entries were received, over 20,000 people voted, 11,000 new Facebook fans were made and upwards of 2.3 million PR impressions were achieved.