Telus tackles tv

For 100 years, Telus was known as "the phone company." So Taxi faced a tough challenge with the launch of Optik TV, namely getting customers to understand the improvement the new service represented. This led to the insight that drove the entire campaign: "Seeing is believing."

The creative solution came in the form of the character Danny, the installer. He demonstrated that seeing is believing through a series of house calls to customers, turning the installation challenge into a positive asset.

TV was the core of the creative. Danny visited many homes, including Leonard Nimoy's, to bring the Optik service to people in search of something better. His presence was extended across media platforms, including social media and online videos, where he tested the latest features of Optik TV.

Last year, Telus added 200,000 new TV customers. In the first quarter of this year, the customer base increased 54% versus a year ago.