Boston Pizza's time travel

Boston Pizza is no stranger to using "third-party endorsements" to provide credibility for new menu items. But its newly launched Pizzaburger (a bacon burger wrapped in pepperoni pizza) deserved the approval not just from the modern man, but early man as well.

The "Pizzaburger" integrated campaign saw men of the past (such as a caveman, a peasant, a knight and a Viking), who didn't have many food choices in their day, encouraging today's men to try the new Pizzaburger in their honour.

The campaign launched with two television spots during the NHL playoffs on TSN and CBC. Online banners and pre-roll kicked off the digital activity in April and ran for eight weeks on sports sites, ESPN, Yahoo! Sports and The brand also leveraged in-restaurant assets, including posters and menu design.

It turned out to be the most popular food launch in BP's 49-year history, with total burger sales jumping substantially versus the previous year.