Kraft Dinner makes the most of the world's demise

To stand out amidst a cacophony of social, cultural and celebrity news fodder, Kraft Dinner looked to capitalize on the biggest news story hogging consumers' attention at the end of last year: the predicted Mayan apocalypse.

Kraft Dinner's "KD Pocalypse" campaign was predicated on a simple, but powerful question: "If the world were really about to end, what would your last meal be?" KD leveraged consumers' fascination with the apocalypse, putting the brand at the centre of the narrative by asking people that question, using a variety of media channels.

The first 20,012 people to tweet that their last meal would be KD, using the hashtag #kdpocalypse, would receive a free box of Kraft Dinner delivered directly to their homes. There was also a stream of supporting online content, including spoof zombie videos and survival guides.

In total, the campaign generated more than nine million impressions and KD grew its Twitter following to 10,000 fans from fewer than 500. KD Pocalypse also received 4% community engagement, which is double the industry average.