Canadians cuddle with Snuggle

In 2012, fabric softener brand Snuggle wanted to broaden its appeal to include families with older children. The brand needed to get out of the nursery and into the world without abandoning its positioning in freshness, softness and child-like wonder.

Softness is even more compelling away from home where everything else is comparatively rough. So Snuggle and Taxi decided to create soft touchpoints in the places workers frequent, such as trains, pedestrian walkways, subways, malls and office towers.

Snuggle posters were printed on soft and fuzzy fabric after being washed with Snuggle Fabric Softener, and were mounted in locations where people could touch and experience them. Eight million people saw the posters and 400,000 hands touched them.

The tactile brand experience was also taken online, with the agency creating virtual "Snuggling" web banners and a microsite that housed videos, photos and GIFs of soft items.