The Government of Ontario asks #WhoWillYouHelp

In March 2015, the Ontario Government launched "It's Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment." To support the plan, a public awareness campaign, "#WhoWillYouHelp," was launched online, on TV, in print and in bars.

Rather than victimizing the survivor of sexual assault or taking issue with the abuser, "#WhoWillYouHelp" spoke directly to the bystander: those who avoid helping in situations because they would rather not get involved, or want to mind their own business. The campaign encouraged people to take action the next time they witness sexual assault and to join the conversation to stop it.

The campaign videos were viewed more than seven million times within the first 10 days, and have so far generated 120 million social media impressions. There have been more than 39,000 tweets, reaching more than 84.5 million people, and Facebook posts have reached over 1.9 million, the highest ever for the government.