TD engineers a thankful ATM

In four cities across Canada, TD and Leo transformed ATMs into "Automated Thanking Machines" to thank customers in a memorable way.

The agency, with the help of Diamond Integrated Marketing, brought the ATMs to life and had the machines engage customers in conversation before thanking them with gifts — from cash to help a young boy buy a musical instrument, to plane tickets for a mother to visit her sick daughter in Trinidad.

The moments were captured on hidden cameras and then turned into a four-minute YouTube video with the hashtag "#TDThanksYou." The videos were launched on TD's annual Customer Appreciation Day, and coincided with local appreciation events at branches. The brand also thanked customers in full-page print ads.

Within a week, the video had 5.2 million views, and within a month it became the most watched video ad in Canada, with over 20 million views.