Mutual Life of Canada officially became Clarica in July 1999. While consumers understand the importance of managing their assets, their decision-making ability is paralyzed by the massive number of companies in the financial category, the complex language of the field and a vast array of similar products to choose from. Moreover, most financial institutions are seen as stuffy and dull. People want clarity in their financial choices, from a company they can talk to. Through our process of distillation, we uncovered a long-term proposition for the new Clarica brand: 'Clarity through dialogue.'

Labatt Blue
By now, the 'Out of the Blue' campaign has become quite well known. As it entered its third year, our goal was to pursue provocative new ways to communicate with young adults and keep the campaign fresh. 'Out of the Blue' continues to gather steam in the marketplace, with advertising and brand awareness measures remaining the highest in years.

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Just about everyone has had Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup, or is at least aware of the brand. Yet sales had been on a downward trend. So what could we say that would convince Moms to serve it more often? As any parent will tell you, if a child watches The Little Mermaid once, they’ll watch it a thousand times. Bodily functions provide endless hours of fascination. And bubble wrap? Well, forget about it. The same was true for Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup. A simple but powerful campaign idea was born: Kids don’t get bored with what they like.

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With laundry detergent, what matters most to consumers is that it gets their clothes clean. Improving Sunlight’s cleaning credentials has meant striding directly into territory well-mined by Tide; but the "Go ahead. Get dirty" campaign, in its second year, continued to meet that challenge. Arguably the highest compliment came from our client: "For the first time, we have an idea so big our budget can’t keep up with it." Getting dirty has never felt so good.

Television Bureau of Canada
Television has undeniably been the most powerful medium in the world. Yet as we turn the corner on a new millennium, its dominance is no longer as certain as it was. So when the Television Bureau of Canada asked us to develop a communications program for the 1999 Bessies - Canada’s premier showcase of English-language television advertising - the communications challenge was daunting: How do we convince people of the continuing relevance and power of television? We asked ourselves: "Where would we be without TV?" The answer, of course, was that many of our cultural icons would be very different - or simply wouldn’t exist.

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