Aids Walk

Canadians have become so blasť about AIDS, youíd think the crisis is over. It isnít. The objective of this advertising was not only to create awareness of AIDS Walk Canadaís annual fundraiser, but also to remind people that lives continue to be lost to this insidious disease.

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Barfly Canada refurbishes old refrigerators and converts them into beer fridges. For many individuals - mostly guys - the idea of a fresh keg always on tap at home is a dream come true. Of course, a $1,500 price tag can make this a difficult purchase decision, especially when thereís a wife or girlfriend to consult. The ads effectively use humour to rationalize what could otherwise be seen as an unnecessary indulgence.

Miller Genuine Draft

The Miller Genuine Draft brand has been around for some time. But there was news: the introduction of a clear bottle in Alberta and B.C. So we made the most of that. We imbued a simple packaging change with an attitude that made it a point of actual product superiority. The campaign married the distinct clear bottle with a sensibility reflecting the targetís desire to use Miller Genuine Draft as a badge.

Molson Canadian

"I Am Canadian" is Molsonís "Just Do It." Moving away from that theme line seemed, well, wrong. But how do you breathe life into a brand that, after nearly two decades, had explored every conceivable Canadian patio, cottage and road trip? You do it by exploring not what Canadians do, but how Canadians feel. By tapping the inchoate visceral pride of young Canadian men. By making the advertising a form of generational self-expression. In short, you do it by making "I Am" not a tagline, but a rallying cry.

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Few brands attempt to build image and equity via outdoor billboards; the constraints of time and space have persuaded many advertisers that the only value of the medium is for retail and promotional messages. The Winners outdoor campaign, however, successfully promotes the brandís unique point of difference in less than four seconds. This has enabled us to place image-building advertising in smaller markets where television would be cost-prohibitive.

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