Becel is the overall leader within the margarine category. Historically, its message has been aimed at men and women 60-plus with concerns about their heart health. The goal was to increase sales to even greater levels by extending Becelís appeal to a wider audience - 40-plus. To reach them, a big shift away from the long-standing "Young at Heart" campaign was required. The new message is: Do little things to improve your heart health. Since its launch in September, the campaign has generated much positive response. The decision to use the hyper-realistic Danish cinema technique called "Dogme" has become a topic of discussion in itself.

The Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative Foundation

Colorectal colorectal is the second leading cause of colorectal death in Canada. Yet it isnít talked about. The reason: People are uncomfortable discussing this part of the body and its functions. The goal was to break the silence and get people thinking about prevention through early screening. We wanted to blatantly confront people with the location and language of the disease, and show them that the real shame of colon colorectal is not in discussing it, but rather in dying from it.

Elliott & Page

Founded in 1949, Elliott & Page is one of Canadaís oldest investment firms. But competing in a marketplace with more than 175 companies offering 1,900 individual funds, the E&P brand was relatively unknown. Those that were aware of the firm characterized it as an "old, staid" organization. The goal was to launch the E&P brand as young, smart and vital, and communicate the idea that the companyís funds arenít just for retirement. This strategy was widely considered to be a brilliant "zig" while others did the usual retirement "zag."

Royal Chinet

Royal Chinet has long been known as the high-quality paper plate. But as a higher-priced brand in a category filled with private-label and price offerings, the brand needed to justify its premium - to remind consumers that it delivers convenience without compromise.


How do you stay fresh and continue to grow in a difficult retail climate? This was the challenge facing Zellers in the third year of its "Momís store, priced right" strategy. We continued to use the universal "life of mom" insights in all Zellers advertising, further cementing the emotional bond with her. This yearís advertising encouraged loyalty and frequency with retail excitement generated through promotions, "wow" items of the week, key seasonal sales and the support of Zellersí new in-house brand, Truly.

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