Doug Adkins
Doug Adkins is partner and creative director with Hunt Adkins in Minneapolis, Minn., where he has worked for the last eight years. Before his arrival, HA was a small six-person creative boutique. It has since burgeoned into an Orwellian multinational conglomerate of some 25 employees.
Prior to joining HA, Adkins worked as a copywriter at Bozell in Minneapolis, where he started his career as an intern. Adkins studied English at the University of Minnesota, but became intensely interested in advertising soon after running out of food. In addition to winning an abundance of creative awards, he is known for his invention of mattress handles, and for his ability to bend spoons using only a pair of pliers.

Favourite Advertising:
1. Telus, "You've reached Nancy" TV spot, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.
2. Bud Light, "Vikings" TV spot, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.
3. St. John Ambulance, "Chef" TV spot, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.

General Comments:
"I think you could take my three favourite ads from this competition and they would stand up against the best work being done in the world. That said, there was a fair amount of mediocre stuff as well. A competition like this really shows how difficult it is to do consistently great work across a number of clients. Hell, it's hard enough to do that for one client.
"It would seem that humour is still the most powerful way to sneak our message past people's deep-seated loathing of advertising. I laughed out loud at quite a few spots, and that's something I try never to do, since displays of genuine emotion are illegal in Minnesota."

Charles BlackwellCharles Blackwell
Charles Blackwell is founding partner and president of Push, a branding company headquartered in Calgary.
Blackwell began his career in London, England at Leagas Delaney, and came to Calgary by way of New York in 1988. During his time out West, his work has been featured in the Clios, the Marketing Awards, the Bessies, Applied Arts, the IBAs and the London International Advertising Festival.

Favourite Advertising:
1., TV campaign, by Gee, Jeffery & Partners Advertising
2. Bud Light, "Figure Skating" TV spot, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.
3. Molson Responsible Use, "Wheelchair" TV spot, by TAXI Advertising & Design.

General Comments:
"As a relative Canadian advertising newbie, I can say with a definite degree of outsider objectivity that this country's creative output has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last several years. Not just in the submissions of one or two agencies, but across the board. Although it must be said that East/West differences in philosophies still seem to mirror those in the U.S."

Isabelle CardinalIsabelle Cardinal
Isabelle Cardinal is creative director with LG2 in Montreal, where she plays the role of creative supervisor and senior writer.
As a master's student in literature at McGill University, Cardinal turned down a scholarship to pursue more serious work with the Young & Rubicam organization. Nearly 15 years later, she couldn't be happier with her choice.
Cardinal's resume includes experience at Quebec's largest agencies, on accounts such as General Motors of Canada, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Bell Canada and Kodak Canada, as well as a slew of trophies and distinctions.

Favourite advertising:
1. Molson Responsible Use, "Wheelchair" TV spot, by TAXI Advertising & Design.
2. Telus, "Don't answer them" TV spot, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.
3. Molson Canadian, "Rant" TV spot, by BensimonoByrne D'Arcy.

General Comments:
"In general, I found the TV superior to the print. Seems to me that the print ads were often just unfortunate variations on the TV spots. Very few exceptional print campaigns - but memorable TV spots."

Lisa FranciliaLisa Francilia
Lisa Francilia is co-creative director with Bryant, Fulton & Shee in Vancouver, where she oversees work on all accounts, including Kokanee Beer, the BC Lottery Corporation, Shaw Communications, HSBC and Rocky Mountaineer Railtours.
Before joining BFS, Francilia was a member of the creative team at BBDO Vancouver. Her work has been honoured in many national and international award shows - among them Communication Arts, the One Show, the Marketing Awards, the New York Festivals, Applied Arts, the Advertising & Design Club of Canada and the Lotus Awards.

Favourite Advertising:
1. Molson Responsible Use, "Wheelchair" TV spot, by TAXI Advertising & Design.
2. Becel, "The benefits of having more sex..." print execution, by Ogilvy & Mather.
3. Barfly, "Call us sensitive -" print execution, by BensimonoByrne D'Arcy.

General Comments:
"I thought overall there was some really strong work produced for both large and small clients. But when looking at overall agency submissions, in some cases weak campaigns brought down the scores for certain agencies."

Elspeth LynnElspeth Lynn
Elspeth Lynn is a partner with Toronto-based Zig, along with Lorraine Tao (her creative partner of six years) and Andy Macaulay (formerly of Roche Macaulay & Partners).
A graduate of McMaster University and O.C.A.D., Lynn has been employed at DDB Needham, MacLaren:Lintas, Roche Macaulay & Partners, Leo Burnett and Ammirati Puris Lintas. Her work with Tao includes creative for such clients as Fruit of the Loom, Special K, President's Choice, Labatt Breweries of Canada, Vaseline and, most recently, the Breast Cancer Society.

Favourite Advertising:
1. Telus, TV campaign, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.
2. The Weather Network, outdoor campaign, by Holmes & Lee.
3. Molson Responsible Use, TV campaign, by TAXI Advertising & Design.
4. Pine-Sol, TV campaign, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.

General Comments:
"It was easy to imagine how a client would feel choosing an agency. The strengths (and sometimes weaknesses) of each agency became crystal clear just by judging the body of work. The overall level of execution was strong, but great insights and simple ideas were, as to be expected, a rare and precious thing."

Brad RiddochBrad Riddoch
Brad Riddoch is a partner with Toronto-based Riddochdickinson Communications. He has held a variety of creative positions within the industry, ranging from copywriter at J. Walter Thompson, to group creative director at MacLaren McCann, to vice-president, creative director at Cossette Communication-Marketing.
Riddoch's account experience includes work on Pepsi-Cola, Labatt Breweries of Canada, Lever-Pond's, McDonald's Restaurants of Canada, Nike, Petro Canada, Saturn and Bell Canada.

Favourite Advertising:
1. DaimlerChrysler Canada, Jeep, tilted outdoor board, by BBDO Canada.
2. Bud Light, "Vikings" TV spot, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.
3. Sony, "Floor Plan" magazine execution, by MacLaren McCann.

General Comments:
"As a judge, the key differentiator from agency to agency was depth. Five campaigns deep, some had it. Most didn't.
"I was incredibly impressed by the calibre of the integrated solutions. Particularly in the tougher categories - automotive, packaged goods, beer - there was some really great work.
"There were some truly fresh, simple and - most importantly - relevant ideas. I saw new life breathed into some very mature brands, which I believe is one of the toughest challenges we face as communicators."

John VitroJohn Vitro
John Vitro is partner with VitroRobertson in San Diego, Calif.
Founded seven years ago, VitroRobertson has among its goals to become "one of the best small agencies in America." It has developed branding for a number of companies that have become leaders in their industries, including Taylor Guitars and Yamaha Watercraft. The agency also creates advertising for such clients as Asics Tiger, Shimano Fishing and Baskin Robbins.

Favourite Advertising:
1. Royal Bank, "Dreams" TV spot, by MacLaren McCann.
2. Rogers@Home, "Paramedics" TV spot, by MacLaren McCann.
3. Pine-Sol, "Dog Tired/Bad Aim" TV spots, by Palmer Jarvis DDB.

General Comments:
"The body of work generally represented a smart, well-executed collection of different styles of advertising.
"There were some great examples of wonderful advertising for products that have typically been dreaded and feared by so-called 'creative' agencies. One that comes to mind is Palmer Jarvis DDB's fresh approach to household cleaning, in the Pine-Sol TV campaign. What a smart way to get people to think about - and begin to redefine - what 'clean' really means. A great strategy combined with brilliant execution - that's as good as it gets."

| Gold: Palmer Jarvis DDB | Silver: Taxi Advertising and Design | Bronze: MacLaren McCann |
| Honourable Mention: BBDO Canada |
| Finalists: Ammirati Puris   Bensimon•Byrne D'Arcy   Gee, Jeffery & Partners Advertising   Holmes & Lee   Ogilvy & Mather |
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